What does "Performance Diagnostics" mean?


Performance Diagnostics is the measurement of physical fitness and metabolic strain at specific exercise levels and interpretation by use of methods of exercise physiology ("Fitness-Check")


Performance diagnostics offers helpful information in recreational or competition oriented type of sports. The same methods are used also in diagnostics applications for disabled and clinically ill patients.

Performance diagnostics by use of Ergonizer software determines cardiopulmonary and/or metabolic fitness. In many clinical problems, the method may help to find pathological limitations. In sports, the same approach can provide a monitoring of performance determining factors and document the ongoing training process and adaptations.

Measures and applications

Basic measures for metabolic performance diagnostics*
  • Heart rate (bpm)
  • Physical performance, e.g., km/h or Watt
  • Blood lactate concentration (mmol/l) (optional)
Types of exercise (Examples)*
  • Running on treadmill
  • Running on track
  • Bicycle ergometry
  • Rowing ergometry
  • Canoue ergometry
  • Handbke ergometry
  • Handcrank ergometry
  • Field testing
    Running velocity (km/h) or (m/s)
    Running velocity (km/h) or (m/s)
    Power output (Watt)
    Power output (Watt)
    Power output (Watt)
    Power output (Watt)
    Power output (Watt)
    Running velocity (km/h) or (m/s)
Application areas for performance diagnostics*
  • Training intensity recommendations in recreational sports
  • Control of endurance training
  • Training prescriptions in rehabilitation
  • Exact performance predictions for competitive sports
  • Estimation of functional limitations with chronic diseases (e.g., COPD, heart failure)
  • Pre-operative evaluation in specific areas
  • Surveys
  • Evaluation in occupational medicine
  • Dosis finding in preventive physical activity

*) implemented in Ergonizer

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Performance diagnostics in competitive sports

Endurance training in team sports like soccer or handball often yields to over- or even underload of individual team members. By using Ergonizer software, individual training load of each player in a team can be controlled easily.

Potential Ergonizer users

Metabolic performance diagnostics is used by a wide variety of professionals:

  • Coaches in competitive sports
  • Athletes
  • Personal coaches
  • Sports medicine physicians
  • Health care companies & reviewers
  • Fitness consultants
  • Nutrition consultants
  • Scientific institutions
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational physicians
  • Sports scientists
Application areas