47-year-old female, overweight


  • 47 years old, female
  • No information about serious health concerns
  • Body mass 276.6 lbs, body height 5.64 ft
  • Body-mass-index (BMI): 42.4
  • The person wants to start a regular fitness program
  • Performs walking ~2h per week
  • No former exercise tests


  • Guidance and recommendations for training intensities
  • Estimation of energy turnover during physical activity
  • Estimation of the effect of physical activity on the modification of the body mass

Exercise test

  • Multi stage test (walking) on a treadmill with blood lactate measurements
  • 3 minutes step duration
  • Walking speed constant at 5.0 km/h
  • Starting at 0% treadmill incliniation
  • 2.5% increase of treadmill inclination per step


  • Maximal work rate: 10% treadmill inclination for 3.0 minutes
  • Relative VO2max (estimated): 26.9 ml/min/kg body weight
  • The IAT ("individual anaerobic threshold") is found at a treadmill inclination of 7.5%
  • This performance relates to a walking speed of 7:50 minutes per kilometer (12:36 minutes per mile)
  • Recommended exercise intensity for an efficient energy turnover and fitness gain: heart-rate 163 to 171 bpm, walking speed 8:01 min to 8:22 min per kilometer (1.56 to 1.58 m/s) on flat surface
  • At this exercise intensity, energy turnover is ~820 kcal/h


  • Cardiopulmonary endurance capacity is on an improvable level
  • With a walking speed of 6.0 to 6.5 km/h (flat surface) energy turnover seems to be optimal without preliminary exhaustion
  • At this exercise intensity, a body mass of ~120 gram is metabolized per hour
  • With further exercise tests in the future, success of the fitness program could be documented

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Calculation of treadmill inclination to flat-surface-velocity

A specific function of Ergonizer software is the conversion between inclination (of a treadmill) into the real running or walking speed on flat surface. All inclinations will be converted automatically and relative to the body-mass of the tested subject.

Female overweight subject

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