Cooperative partnerships

Medical University Hospital, Ulm, Germany
University of Ulm
Section for Sports and Rehabilitative Medicine

Prof. Dr. Juergen Steinacker
Prof. Dr. Yuefei Liu
Dr. Gunnar Treff
/Bilder Dr. Mario Weichenberger

Scientific cooperation for development and evaluation, specifically for rowing and fencing.

University of Freiburg, Germany
Institut für Sport und Sportwissenschaft
OSP Freiburg-Schwarzwald

Dr. Bjoern Stapelfeldt
Prof. Dr. Albert Gollhofer

Scientific cooperation for development and application in an academically oriented sports science institution.

Sports Medicine, Freiburg, Germany
Medical University Hospital
Department for Preventative and Rehabilitative Sports Medicine
OSP Freiburg-Schwarzwald

Prof. Dr. P. Deibert
PD Dr. M. Baumstark
Dr. T. Pottgießer
Dr. C. Ahlgrim
Dr. S. Prettin

Central development, research, and application of the software within clinical setups, exercise testing, coaching and training control.

Institute for research and development of sports equipment, Berlin, Germany

Wilhelm Dalichow
Wolfgang Boehmert

Connection to rowing ergometers, specification of methods.

Diaglobal GmbH
Provider and producer of small mobile photometers and the associated reagents and controls (blood lactate)

Sudhir Kumar Thakur

Hardware of blood lactate measurement, measuring technique, research and development.

Pete Cunningham
Exercise Physiologist, PhD
Artemis Racing

Application experience, English translocation feedback of the software.

Charité Berlin
Campus Benjamin Franklin
Section for Sports Medicine
Free University (FU) and Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany

Prof. Dr. med. Fernando Dimeo

Usability, data reception for prediction models in running.

University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
Institute for Sports and Sports Science / Diagnostics

Prof. Dr. K. Boes
Prof. Dr. H. Schwameder
Dr. S. Haertel
Dr. G. Kurz

Usage evalation in a sports science setup for coaching of competitive athletes.

Technical University Munich (TUM)
Center for Preventative and Sports Medicine

Prof. Dr. M. Halle
PD Dr. B. Wolfarth
Dr. J. Scherr
Kilian Koller

Usabitilty research, application of interfaces to a clinical data base network (HL7).

Sport-Club Freiburg e.V.
Soccer-Bundesliga (German national league) and Soccer School

Simon Ickert

Usability research and evaluation, usage in competetive team sports, coaching of endurance training and talent identification.

SRM Service Center Inc.
Jülich, Germany

U. Schoberer

Application and research in exercise testing, adaptation on special systems of performance measurement.

Heart- and Diabetes-Center NRW Cardiology
Sports Cardiology Oeynhausen, Germany

Prof. Dr. D. Horstkotte
Oberarzt Dr. Klaus-Peter Mellwig
Dr. med. H.K. Schmidt

Usability evaluation and research, implementation to clinical cardiology.

eleven2 GmbH
IT Consulting
Neubeuern, Germany

Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Kilian Koller

Development of interfaces, data bases, clinical PC- networks.

Menfit® GmbH

Dr. med. Mark Dorfmueller

Usability research, Fitness- and Health related applications, preventative medicine.

iQ athletik GmbH
Frankfurt am Main

Sebastian Muehlenhoff
Dennis Sandig
Andreas Wagner

Application research and evaluation.

Leistungsdiagnostik und Trainingssteuerung

Clemens Sandscheper

Usability research, data sampling, sports scientific user evaluation.

Geratherm respiratory
Bad Kissingen

Joachim Noethling
Manuel Heinz

Software interconnection, functional synthesis between breath gas analysis and lactate diagnostics.

Der Tempomacher
Freiburg, Germany

Jens Bodemer

Mass- and high-performance sports, personal coaching, usability research and evaluation.

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Sports Medicine, University of Freiburg i. Brsg., Germany