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   Ergonizer Full Version

with all Modules
849 € 
without any Module
529 € 
for strictly non-commercial use¹
279 € 

    Ergonizer Upgrades

during Grace Period²
from Version 5 (expired Grace Period²)
129 € 
from Version 4 (expired Grace Period²)
249 € 
from Version 3 (expired Grace Period²)
299 € 
from Version 2
349 € 
from Version 1
499 € 
Supplemental Critical-Power Module⁵
349 € 
Supplemental Lactate-to-heartrate Module⁶
99 € 
Upgrade from the non-commercial to the commercial full-Version with Critical-Power-Module included³
549 € 

    More Information

Latest version: 5.16.3 Build 232 of 19/06/2024 (11:14:59)

1) The version for non-commercial application is for private usage or for non-profit institutions like sports clubs or similar. All print reports from that version indicate that the version is 'non-commercial'. Furthermore, inclusion of a graphic logo is not available in the non-commercial version. Range of functions is identical to the commercial version of the software apart from that.

2) All full versions (regardless of whether commercial or non-commercial version) include free updates for one year from purchase ("Grace Period"). After that time period, new updates are available at reasonable costs. With purchase of chargeable updates, a new Grace Period for one year free updates is included.

3) The latest version of the software is prerequisite for the purchase of new modules like the Critical-Power module. If necessary, an update must be also purchased.

4) That software module is only applicable to the commercial version.

5) The Critical-Power analysis module prerequisites the latest version of Ergonizer Software.

6) The Lactate-to-heartrate analysis module prerequisites the latest version of Ergonizer Software.

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Chargeable and free updates are provided as direct downloads from our website. Also full versions of Ergonizer are generated specifically for every customer and will made available for individual download. Only for special purposes and by inquiry, we provide CD/DVD-versions of our software products.

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