Ergonizer is versatile and scientifically evaluated


  • Reliable and robust lactate threshold algorithms
  • Your corporate identity is inclusive for free
  • Multiple comparisons
  • Missing values are tolerated
  • Dynamic help tool panel
  • Interpretation also for exercise protocols with irregular steps
  • Exact estimations of VO2max without breath gas analysis
  • Editable training zones
  • Comments function
  • Text templates for external reporting
  • Versatile data merge and export functions
  • Fault tolerance
  • Selectable units
  • NEW feature: Automated generation of critical-power graphs!

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Adjustable curve fittings

Curve fitting for the increase of heart-rate and blood lactate concentrations is performed by automated, robust mathematical algorithms. In rare cases, you might wish to adapt the extend of fitting manually - a function that is implemented to the software.

Smoothing function

Irregular exercise protocols

The most robust results in Ergonizer can be achieved with application of steady exercise protocols with stepwise increased exercise intensity and constant time duration per load step. Sometimes - especially for field testing purposes - irregular exercise protocols are used. Ergonizer offers a special editor to work with such irregular exercise protocols.

Text templates

This function helps in generation or letters or personal reports with exercise testing data. From a special menu, templates with test data are copied to the clipboard that can be pasted into any text based document.

Text template function

Example for the template function