How fit are you (in relation to others)?

Our percentile function offers objective comparison

Distribution fittings for all age-groups

Percentiles are a simple, illustrative value to report the score within norm-referenced tests. A performance at the "65th percentile" is the value (or score) below which 65 percent of the other observations may be found. The median corresponds to the 50th perzentile of a group of observations.
Calculation of percentiles is a sophisticated task since it needs knowledge of the gaussian distribution in each group as norm-reference. The figure above shows the variety of normal distributions that is needed for one type of ergometry (in this case running on treadmill) with changing age in one gender. Ergonizer Software determines the postion of many results automatically on surface of the applicable distribution curve and reports the related percentile values.



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Why using percentiles?

The pure performance diagnostics is hard to interpret and to teach, potentially. That is especially, if you don't have to much experience in performing that technique. Percentiles help a lot with that task.

A further option to transfer exercise test results to the "real world", are given with the function "Performance prediction", that gives highly exact forecasts for your next marathon and other races:

Exact performance predictions