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Scientific software for exercise testing, interpretation, and training prescription

Ergonizer is a highly innovative computer software for scientific exercise testing, training prescription, interpretation, and performance prediction. With Ergonizer, you are able create sophisticated, automated reports about physical fitness from laboratory or field exercise testing data. Since more than 20 years the software has been improved and extended step-by-step and offers user-friendliness and information gathering from exercise tests. Basic application of Ergonizer is the graphical interpretation and user-independent, robust analysis of blood lactate measurements during exercise.

Who is using ERGONIZER commercially?

  • Physicians
  • Coaches
  • Sports physicians
  • Sports scientists
  • Athletes
  • Institutions for occupational medicine
  • Sports clubs
  • Health clubs
  • Physiotherapists
  • Sports therapists
  • Institutions for performance diagnostics

Ergonizer software

is reliable, profound, versatile, objective, exact, and engineered in Germany.

With Ergonizer,

we offer a tool that comes from the scientific coaching of professional athletes and performance diagnostics in the medical context. That means, Ergonizer not only contains all proved standards for the evaluation of physical fitness beyond breath gas analysis - much more, Ergonizer is highly optimized for usability and robustness.

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Further highlights of the software

Instant Critical-Power and Maximal-Power-Profile calculations

  • What is your maximal bicycle performance for 5 minutes?
  • Or for 10, or 13.4, of for 2 hours?
  • How long do you cycle 220 Watts?
  • How fast can you run 2 Miles?
  • Are you a sprinter or a long distance whiz?
  • How's your functional threshold power (FTP)?

Computer based predictions from one (!) single multi-stage test on the bicycle or treadmill

Critical-Power check

The well-known Critical-Power-concept of Monod & Scherrer (1965) describes the relationship between maximum performance to the related exercise duration.


Up to now, Critical-Power-curves had to be constructed from expensive, multiple exercise tests up to exhaustion


Contrary to that concept, Ergonizer Software calculates interactive Critical-Power-curves from regular exercise tests without any additional effort! For each freely chosen duration, you get the related maximum performance and vice versa interactively. E.g., with Ergonizer Software, it is really easy to calculate, how far a subject could run for 12:00 minutes. Or for 42.195 meters. This works for running tests on the treadmill as on the bicycle ergometer and for many other types of ergometries.


This information might be worthful for the control of high-intensive interval training (HIT) or to analyze specific changes in performance from one to another test.


And best of all, these Maximal-Power-Profiles will be calculated from one single, regular exercise test (multistage test protocol with blood lactate measurements).


The latest version of Ergonizer: 5.16.3 Build 237 of 12/07/2024 (19:33:33)

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Ergonizer Software

Heart-rate for exercise intensity monitoring

Do you know all determining factors if using heart-rate to guide your endurance training?

Some considerations …

Best feature: Controllable curve fitting

Curve fitting for heart-rate and lactate in Ergonizer is based on evaluated algorithms. In some rare cases, a manual adjustment of the automated smoothing function is required. Therefore, interactive manual alignment of the smoothing factors is now implemented to the software.

Smoothing factors

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