What does "training guidance" mean?

Training management and guidance is optimization, documentation, and planning of physical training by application of performance diagnostics

Who benefits from training management?

Optimizing intensity to improve effectiveness and to avoid overuse is a central challenge in physical training. On the one side, overload by too intensive strain has to be prevented – on the other side, time for training should not be wasted by too low exerise intensities.

200 minus age? A valid prediction rule?

Herzfrequenz an der IAS

Rules of thumb or simple calculations are not reliable as reference for training management purposes: Heart rate at a standardized exericse intensity shows huge inter-individual spreading. For example, heart rate at the anaerobic threshold for about 1.500 thirty year-old subjects is shown at the graph on the left. If these people would use the rule of thumb "200 minus age" to control their training intensity, deviations of up to 50 bpm would be evident!

How can I determine the best individual exercise intensity?

Ergonizer software has a focus on the automated generation and interpretation of lactate-to-performance curves. These measurements are the most reliable, cost-effective and applicable method to generate exact exercise intensity recommendations for training in endurance related type of sports. Furthermore, our totally new critical-power-based prediction algorithms have the power to differentiate training recommendations in the time domain from 20 seconds up to several hours.

Lactate-to-performance curves

Mathematisch exakte Interpolationen

The lower the blood lactate concentration with higher power output, the higher is the individual cardio-pulmonary fitness and endurance capacity in that subject. Hence, anaerobic threshold from blood lactate measurements is widely accepted as reference for fitness and exercise intensity recommendations in training. Ergonizer not only calculates „anaerobic threshold“ in a very stable and reliable way, it also generates a bunch of predictive and analytic informations about performance and health of the test subjects for many types of exercise.

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Lactate based performance diagnostics without lactate?

Also without drawing blood samples for the lactate analysis, reports about physical fitness and training recommendations are possible with Ergonizer. This is provided by our multifactorial prediction modelling, algorithms that are based on tenthousands of prior real measurements. Test the feature in our trial version!

Without lactate