Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

Usage of Ergonizer

  • Is ergometer usage a prerequisite for Ergonizer?

    No. All functions of the Software can be applied also to field testing. Field testing is useful especially for running. If you want to test cycling exercise without an ergometer, you need equipment to measure performance (Watt) on your bicycle, e.g., SRM. Furthermore, the new lactate-to-heartrate-module presents some interesting analyses in that case.

  • Is lactate testing a prerequisite for Ergonizer?

    No. Ergonizer uses special algorithms predict lactate measurements alternatively, without to measure them.

    Tip: If (in rare cases) lactate measurement is going wrong, this function automatically corrects your results.

  • Is measurement of heart rate a prerequisite for Ergonizer?

    Yes and no. Heart rate at exercise is an important input to the algorithms used in the software. Although heart rate could be count by hand, this option is not exact that we recommend the use of portable instruments for heart rate measurement. If applicable, any ECG-monitoring works fine, too.

    Important: Heart rate should be measured during exercise, not after or during breaks between exercise stages.
  • Can I correct the results interactively?

    Yes and no. In the most cases you don't need to correct anything. Ergonizer is based on stable automated correcting algorithms, developed over years. These algorithms works user-independend. If in rare cases, curve fitting seems no optimal, the curve-fit can be adjusted manually and - interactively.

Installation & Registration of Ergonizer Software

  • How can I get updates to my licensed copy of Ergonizer?

    All kinds of updates (also the free) are available from our online shop:

    Ergonizer Online-Shop

    Alternatively, you can use the automated update routine from within the software. If a new update is available, Ergonizer informs you and hints you to the download site automatically. Please note that the update installer must be started separately by a double-click after download.

    Within the first year after purchase ("Grace Period") all updates are free of charge!
  • How do I install the software on my computer?
    From CD/DVD:
    1. Load from CD/DVD: After insertion of the CD/DVD, installation routine should start automatically.
    2. Install: In the menu of the installation routine, click "Install". Follow the instructions from the routine.
    3. Finish: After successful installation, close the installation routine with the button "Finish".

    By downloaded installer:
    1. Download: Use the download-URL provided by us to download the installer.exe.
    2. Install: Start the installer.exe by double-click and follow the instructions.
    3. Finish: Close the installation routine.
    Tip: Please uninstall the trial version of Ergonizer if present on your computer prior to installation of the licensed full version.
  • Is Ergonizer software working in a local network?

    Yes. Ergonizer works without any problems in a client-server-constellation. The data directory should be placed on the server. Each client must configured to use that central data directory.

    Please ensure that each client has installed the CRT Libraries by Microsoft© that fits to your system:

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package

    This installation is provided also automatically by the CD/DVD and each update installation.

  • Do I need a license for each further installation?

    Sometimes. To use Ergonizer Software for another postal adress, you definitely need a further license. Please contact us, if you plan to use the software at several places at your site.

  • My 16-place serial key is not working!

    With a new installation, probably an error by transfer is evident. Please write an E-Mail if there are any problems during the installation process. We'll assist you.

    You probably downloaded an outdated update version? If your Grace Period was over, please check the shop or send an E-Mail.

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  • Runs Ergonizer Software on my Mac?

    No and yes. Ergonizer is a pure Windows application. But also on Mac OSX, you have several options to work with Ergonizer Software by using a so-called virtual machine: Bootcamp, VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop are the recommended ones.

    Apple® Bootcamp
    VMWare® Fusion
    Parallels® Desktop

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