Technical options and applications


Ergonizer runs on any computer with Microsoft Windows© Windwos 7, 8 or 10 (or newer). Hinweis: The software usually runs on older, unsupported versions of Windows as well. If in doubt, we recommend a previous bump test by installing the free trial version .

ATTENTION! Since version 3.3.4 Build 25, the software no longer runs on systems with Windows 2000 and older. Therefore, at least Windows XP (Service Pack 3) is necessary for an installation.

There are no special requirements regarding the graphics card or the computer hardware. For the installation, you only need about 120 MB of free hard disk space. The installation files will be made available for download only.


The output of the automated evaluation requires a printer. With a larger number of evaluations in high print quality a laser printer is recommended, also color printers are of course supported by our program.With the color output, the information content of the printouts can be further improved.

Lactate measurement (optional)

The central function of the software is based on the course of blood lactate concentration during exercise. For this purpose, there are various devices on the market, the purchase and use of which depend on the purpose and the ambition of the user. A representative selection of devices is e.g. listed under HITADO® GmbH . The use of lactate measurement is optional for the use of the software Ergonizer, but highly recommended.

Heart rate measurement

In addition to the performance of the respective ergometer or field test load level, the heart rate is a necessary measure for the Ergonizer evaluation. There are many instruments for this purpose on the market.When using a stress ECG in the doctor's office, of course, the heart rate can also be taken from this measurement.

Ergometer or field test

The examinations can be carried out on a large number of different ergometers. Ergonizer allows, for example, evaluations of tests from

  • Bicycle ergometer
  • Treadmill (Running or walking)
  • Handkurbelergometer
  • Rower
  • Handbike ergometer
  • Running field test
  • Swim field test
  • Canoe field test
  • Fencing field test
  • Canoe ergometer

When using the respective test form, the corresponding ergometer must be present. In case of a possible acquisition, particular attention must be paid to the reliable power setting on the device. Of course, this aspect does not apply to field tests.

In case of uncertainty about the purpose and the function of the software we recommend the use of our free trial version:

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Minimal application configuration

Simply with a heart rate montitor, you are able to perform exercise tests with Ergonizer for performance diagnostics, e.g., in running.