Application areas of Ergonizer Software

Ergonizer is a world-wide applied software for reliable, valid and exact computer-aided analyses in all domains of metabolic exercise-testing.

Sports and Exercise Testing


  • provides results, calculations and measurements of exercise tests
  • interpolates and interpretes the increase of lactate concentration during exercise
  • works with or without lactate measurements
  • calculates endurance performances or energy expenditures
  • calculates percentiles of endurance performance in different groups
  • supports health and fitness checks
  • is applicable in competititive and recreational types of sports
  • supports your clinical diagnostics, also in preventative or rehabilitatve medicine

Training Guidance


  • estimates recommendations for training intensities by use of exercise testing
  • helps to optimize training success
  • allows high-level exercise testing even for sports clubs or training groups
  • supplements the offer of personal trainers to their clients
  • delivers exact and helpful supportive data to Trainers & Coaches in modern high-performance sports
  • features scientific training control also to ambitious private persons active in sports

Prevention and Rehabilitation


  • integrates the know-how of many famous academic institutions for sports medicine and successful coaches (e.g., athletics, running, pro cycling, soccer)
  • is easily applicable for advisory issues
  • supports company based bonus or prevention programs
  • works as a direct motivational system by measuring performance changes of subjects
  • helps scientific institutions with methods to quantify physical performances
  • completes the consulting of professional performance diagnostics
  • provides evidence to rehabilitative programs

Performance Predictions


  • calculates objective percentiles of the cardiopulmonary fitness of the tested subjects
  • makes surprisingly exact predictions for performances in several types of real sports competitions (bicycling, running)

Some application examples: Case studies

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is software for the automated interpretation of exercise tests and fitness-checks in scientific based endurance performance diagnostics, coaching, and training guidance.

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