18-year-old female middle-distance-runner


  • 18 years old, female, healthy
  • Weight 113 lbs, height 5.63 ft
  • Since about 8 years competitions in middle distance running
  • PR 1.500m (last year) 4:46.2 min
  • Recently about 6 hours training/week (endurance runs, speed training, strength training)
  • Average heartrate during long slow endurance runs: ~ 135 bpm
  • Running velocity for extensive speed training (e.g., 6 x 1,000m): ~ 3:50 min/1,000m
  • Second exercise testing since 1 year

Issues for the exercise test

  • Progression of the specific basic endurance
  • Control and regulation of the strain in endurance trainings
  • Race predictions for the upcoming indoor season

Applied exercise testing protocol

  • Multistage test on a treadmill with blood lactate measurements
  • Step duration 3 minutes
  • Start at 6 km/h, increment of 2 km/h per step


  • Maximal performance: 18 km/h for 2:00 min
  • Running speed at the IAT: 13.63 km/h (3.79 m/s)
  • Heart-rate at the IAT: 175 bpm
  • Endurance performance at the 84th percentile within all femal middle- and longdistance runners of the same age group
  • Relative VO2max (estimated): 56.4 ml/min/kg body weight
  • Current prediction for a 1,500m-race: 4:55 min
  • Current prediction for a 5,000m-race: 18:30 min


  • Slight improvement of the basic endurance performance and huge improvement of the maximal running speed against the pre-test
  • Correct training intensity for the long slow endurance runs, the extensive intervals should be performed slightly slower
  • Race prediction for the indoor season gives similar results as the personal records from the summer season

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