24-year-old male, mountain biker, competitive sports:


  • 24 years of age, male, healthy
  • Weighting 173,0 pounds, 5.6 ft tall
  • Competive sports since about 10 years, Mountain Bike, preferably long distances
  • Weekly mileage about 220 miles (road and MTB)
  • Average heart rate for extensive base training ('GA1') was about 120 bpm
  • Average heart rate for training at the anaerobic threshold ('EB') was about 140 bpm
  • Already 6 exercise tests since 2006
  • No exercise test bewtween 2009 and 2011

Issues for exercise testing

  • Control and guidance of metabolic strain in endurance training
  • How's specific performance developing?
  • Anthropometry and body mass

Exercise testing protocol

  • Multi stage test on the cycle ergometer (LODE® Excalibur) with lactate and heart rate measurements at the end of each stage
  • Step duration: 3 minutes
  • Start at 100W, 20W increments


  • Maximal power output: 380 Watts for 2:00 minutes
  • Relative power output: 3,45 Watts/kg body weight
  • Endurance capacity relative to body mass: 56th percentile within all bicycle athletes of the same age group ("Elite")
  • Endurance capacity in absolute terms: 82th percentile within all bicycle athletes of the same age group ("Elite")
  • Power output at the individual anaerobic threshold (IAT) at 269 Watts with an heart-rate of 147 bpm
  • Prediction for a hill race (11.5 km, 770 altitude meters): 36:54 minutes with light equipment
  • Recommendation for easy, basic training (green zone): Heart-rate from 105 to 128 bpm
  • Recommendation for pace training (red zone): Heart-rate from 145 to 152 bpm


  • For basic training (green zone), the actual training intensity was correctly chosen
  • For the longer intervals, exercise intensity can be lifted
  • Specific endurance capacity in absolute terms is higher (82th percentile) than relative to body mass (56th percentile). This could be interpreted as a unfavorable anthropometry with regard to body mass.
  • Compared to the former test results, aerobic capacity is remarkably stable.
  • Heart-rates and heart-rate recommendations versus former exercise testing show significant lower values now.

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No maximum exhaustion needed

The highly reliable methods to estimate cardio-pulmonary exercise intensity in Ergonizer don't need maximal exhaustion as for example estimation of VO2max.


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